Pyrenees Mountains, VIC.

Adventure level – medium spice

Why Wal?

Bumping into Wal on his first trip out of Canada we knew this guy was wild at heart. The look in his eye (and the lack of a return ticket) said it all. Leaving the business he built behind, his new job was exploring the world, starting with the most off the grid / remote places first, because he felt he had some catching up to do. If you want to be wide-eyed again and maybe ditch the city for good, come join Wal..

The low-down

$223/night weeknights.
$253/night weekends.
Min 2 nights Fri/Sat.
Doggo friendly.
Check in 3pm.
Late check out at 11am.
Because, sleep-ins.

Sitting at the base of a mountain range surrounded by untamed wilderness. This is what you need.

What’s provided?

Bedding, towels, picnic table, fire pit and a fan. Composting toilet, hot shower and solar power. Gas stove, bar fridge, utensils, plates and all that.
And, TP.

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Not available on your dates?

We know, we know, waiting sucks right? But hey, this’ll be more like day-before-xmas-waiting and less like slow-person-walking-ahead-of-you-waiting. Plus you’ll get first dibs when we unlock our next collection of cabins. Sound like a plan?

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The location

While we handpick each of our hideout’s locations to give you the most unique wilderness vibes around, every cabin has it’s own unyoked flavour. What’s Wal’s? Glad you asked:

Wal’s tucked at the base of the Pyrenees Mountain ranges on an 1600 acre property, half vineyard, half untamed wilderness, all unyoked. He shares this wanderlust-worthy spot with Yogie one of our other cabins, but they’re separated by more than 1km and you’d have to be lucky to spot another person even when out exploring. Oh, and did we mention the State Forest next door?

Wal has full where-actually-am-I vibes going on, but very rarely you might hear the odd vehicle in the distance from the local vineyards – sound can sometimes carry.

Expedition packing list

This one’s easy: whatever your usual camp vibes kit is (e.g. shoes, sunscreen, flanno, other flanno, back-up flanno etc), food and drinks. We supply every cabin with awesome coffee from Single O, salt, pepper and oil. There’s also organic hand-wash, linens, towels and TP provided. All the hideouts also come with their own supply of board games, yoga mats, and curated mini-library from our friends over at Penguin Classics.

Note: If you like your water a certain way, consider grabbing some drinking water from the supermarket on your way down – we capture and filter rainwater for the cabins, while safe it can taste a bit different from ol’ city water.

The chili scale explained

Glad you asked. We get it that not everyone wants to be air-dropped in the wilderness and fend for themselves overnight, so we use our chili scale to give you a heads up about the level of adventure you can expect:

Spicy = this sh*t starts at the car. Think a short trek through the woods, up a hill or a jungle path. Think total seclusion, middle of no-where vibes.

Medium-spice = a bit easier of an arrival. Still epic wilderness and adventure, and far enough from civilisation to be totally private, but close enough to know someone’s there juuust in case.

Lemon zest = …really?

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