Frequently asked.

Lets sit down and have a chat.

Geez guys it's pretty busy. What's the deal?

We know, we know. We’re super excited to share Unyoked with you guys and since launching there’s been a huge level of demand from everyone. We’re heads-down and working hard to unlock even more epic spots for you! If you can’t find your dates, jump on over to our waitlist and we’ll give you a shout when we have cancellations and/or announce new cabins – giving you an early-look at locking in your next microadventure.

What's with the lack of cabin photos on some of your pages?

We practice early-bird bookings at Unyoked so rather than sitting on the waitlist all the time we can help some of you lock in the dates you want in advance. This means we sometimes open a cabin for booking before it’s 100% up and ready. If you’re on the “I need a colour-coded spreadsheed to be ready” side of adventure, this might not be your cup of tea – head to our waitlist instead. But worry not, as soon as more details are available we’ll let you know!

I'm itching to get unyoked guys, but what can I expect when I go?

We’ve designed Unyoked to help you get off the grid when you need it, think cabin porn IRL, your own tiny house in the wilderness. Each of our hideouts are tucked in their own secluded area of unique wilderness we’ve unlocked just for you. Imagine going for a 4 day hike into a National Park and finding your own patch of paradise, now add your private cabin and you’ve got Unyoked – except all within a 2hr drive from the CBD.'s glamping?

Um, no. We’re making the wilderness accessible, but, this is not a hotel. Think wilderness adventure and camp vibes, not chocolate on the bed and bathrobes. You will get mud on your shoes. You might see a snake. But hey, you’ll also feel the 9-5 fade away, satisfy your longing to connect to nature, and get your adventure-on – this is the wilderness that you’ve been looking for.

Tell me about the cabins

All our hideouts are handcrafted with local, sustainable materials and built to be 100% off the grid, having a minimal footprint but maximum chill. They’re designed with love to make you feel part of the landscape, slow down and enjoy life’s rituals.

Which cabin should I choose?

All our cabins are designed with the same principle in mind – to help you disconnect in the wilderness and get some adventure in your day-to-day. While each of their sites are unique and each cabin has their own personality, we lovingly hatch plans for our new locations to be sure you’ll always have an unyoked experience at every spot. What are we talking about you ask? Give them all a shot, that’s what we’ll be doing!

What kinda things do I need to bring with me?

This one’s easy: whatever your usual camp vibes kit is (e.g. shoes, sunscreen, flanno etc), food and drinks. We supply every cabin with awesome coffee from Single O, salt, pepper and oil. There’s also organic hand-wash from Biology and TP provided. All the hideouts also come with their own supply of board games, yoga mats, books and firewood! Note: If you like your water a certain way, consider grabbing some drinking water from the supermarket on your way down – we capture and filter rainwater for the cabins, while safe it may taste different to usual.

I'm into my food, what's the kitchen situation like?

Us too! Our cabins are stocked with all the utensils you’ll need to cook up a storm. Inside you’ll use a 2-burner gas stove, mini-fridge, knives, wooden spoon, can opener, cuttlery, plates/bowls, saucepans, oil, salt and pepper. We also provide paper towel and organic dish-washing liquid. Outside it’s the good ol’ fire. You’re free to use this, but remember to follow the guidelines provided and, our advice is to pick up some foil on your way down – it’ll help a bunch.

Can we have a camp fire?

Each hideout has their own fire pit for your enjoyment. We only require that you take note of local fire bans, weather conditions and follow the safety guidelines provided with your booking and in the cabin. Bushfire is the biggest threat to these awesome wilderness spots, please act responsibly. Make sure you’re comfortable with our fire risk management procedures before departing too – and note, while we don’t like it, we reserve the right to reschedule your booking or ask you to head home if the danger levels are high in the area.

Composting toilet? What's that all about?

We handcraft all our cabins to be 100% off the grid and environmentally sustainble. Part of this is having a composting toilet. It’s similar to your one at home except there’s no flush. Liquids are diverted while solids are kept and dried under the unit. Our systems are odourless but keep in mind you are in the wilderness, if there’s any issues please give us a call. Just in case, air freshener provided!

Is there mobile reception?

While our philosophy is to disconnect, we totally get sometimes you just need to get online. Most of our sites have limited reception, but a few have none at all. Take a look on the cabin page to see if yours has any or not, we’ll let you know if there’s reception on the property or in the cabin itself.

Um, a cabin alone in the wilderess...will I be safe?

Our cabins are all secure so have no worries. However keep in mind you’re responsible for your own safety, and to get these beautiful wilderness locations our cabins are in places where seeing a snake, spiders and other local wildlife is totally possible. It’s more like a wilderness adventure than a hotel. Act responsibly and follow our tips included in the cabin and you’ll have a great time!

How do we check-in and check-out?

Easy! Think of it as your own adventure, all the cabins are ready to go when you arrive so you just head on over and off you go – i.e. you don’t need to interact with the Host of your site. Check-in after 3:00pm Check-out before 11:00am

I have a small car, can I access the cabins?

You sure can. We work with our Hosts to ensure that, while some are slightly more wild than others, each of our cabins are accessible by a standard two-wheel-drive in all conditions. Note that this will involve some dirt roads and you should drive carefully especially when wet, you won’t need a 4×4.

Can I drive right up to the cabin?

At the moment, no. We try and preserve the environmental integrity of the local area so purposefully restrict vehicle traffic around the cabin areas. Designated parking areas are set up within a maximum 200m walk from the cabins. A cart for your bags, torch and umbrella are provided. Think of it as the beginning of your adventure! Note that we don’t prepare vehicle access up to the cabin, you’re strongly advised not to attempt it, we cannot accept any responsibility if this is attempted as it may result in your car being bogged and/or damaged.

What's your cancellation policy?

We know things can come up out of the blue, but if we have less than 7 days notice it puts us in a tough spot, so we offer full refunds for up to 7 days before your stay.

Can I reschedule my booking?

Yep! So long as it’s 7 days before your stay we’d be stoked to help you find other dates.

Can I bring my doggo?

We partner with a variety of Hosts to make unlocking our unique wilderness spots possible and we listen to their concerns on a number of things, pets being one. You’ll find on each cabin page whether it’s dog friendly or not. Unfortunately most are not because of considerations for the local wildlife. But we’re working hard to ensure there’s at least a handful of pet-friendly cabins in each major city we’re in. If you have any q’s please drop us a line!

Are kids allowed?

Similar to pets, you’ll find a note on each cabin that lets you know if it’s kid friendly or not. We’d love for the whole family to come and get off the grid, but given these are largely un-manned, untamed environments there are a number of risks present that can be heightened by adding small children to the mix. Parents bringing kids (anyone under 12) accept responsibility for all risks and agree to take care to act safely around e.g. dirt tracks, un-fenced dams, local wildlife, snakes etc.

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