Unyoked. Come and wander.


Unique off the grid experiences handcrafted to depart from the ordinary and provide you with temporary liberation from the concrete jungle – and your commitments.

Come heed the call of the wild.

Unyoked is the grass beneath your feet, the wind at your back, that subtle feeling at the base of your neck when you lose time staring at a mountain and forget all about “deadlines”. It’s what you’ve been searching for. Give into that yearning we all have to do be a bit of nothing.

Castaway, with comfort.

We handcraft each of our hideouts and unlock their exclusive remote locations so you can feel like you’re in the middle of the nowhere, without the hassle. Wilderness without worries, adventure without aggravation. Come take a nap among the trees, that’s what we’ll be doing.

Have you met Miguel yet?

Chill Unyoked style with Miguel or one of the gang.

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