Verb. To be set free.

Unyoked Philosophy

We’re all about adventure-and-chill. There’s too much concrete and too many commitments in the world already, let’s all go wander in the woods.

Even though we’re not ones for beaten paths, we still have a few trail markers to keep us on the right route. Here’s what we’re all about:

Shoes are Optional.

We’re that friend who rocks up barefoot to your bbq. The one who doesn’t see the point of ties. We believe you should make your own trail, not follow the crowd. It’s natural to want to be challenged and create things but making a living shouldn’t be confused with having a life.

Get away from the desk. Get out there.

Always exploring.

The best trips answer questions you never thought of asking before you left. While we’re not saying you need to go full Odysseus, just don’t lie still (unless it’s on your back staring up at the sky, we’ll allow it). Take a different route. Plan that extra trip. Be inspired and never stop wondering what else is out there.

Less is More.

Like good design, life’s best lived with just enough to do what’s needed and no more. We’re for going overseas with nothing but hand luggage. For nature not noise. Ditch all the bs, get back to basics and focus on what matters.

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