Minimum Footprint, Maximum chill.

Your private cabin in the wilderness.

An ancient remedy for modern times.

What’s it all about?

Pick a hideout. Find some dates. Get let in on your secret location 7 days before the expedition. Get lost in the wilderness. Well…not lost lost, but kinda.

This is not a hotel.

Think wilderness experience, not chocolate on the pillow.

Exclusive wilderness

Totally secluded, Attenborough-level nature. Unlocked just for you. You’re welcome. 

No hassles

Within 2hrs from the city. Far enough to disconnect, close enough to not spend all your time getting there.

Obsessively designed

Architecturally designed to feel part of the landscape. To be in the environment, not on it.

But why?


Busyness is a choice, say no. Come slow down with us in our refuge from the shoes-and-socks world.


Off the grid living on 100s of acres of untouched wilderness. Come get your adventure on.


Go the way of the hermit, come tap into a whole new level of creativity and productivity – powered by nature.

But hey…

Don’t take our word for it.

Here are some logos we hope’ll impress you.

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